Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging

Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging

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Can you believe it ? You've found the world's first pain and bloat friendly legging. 

Let's face it, we live in a cold cruel world. And if you have a painful or chronic condition, you know that part of the misery is dealing with the aches and pains that come with it. But imagine having your very own stash of Heat Pack Leggings. Just slip in the included cold/heat pad inside the legging and feel the warmth radiate through your pants. It doesn't get much better than this!

Bloating is a nightmare when clothes no longer fit , you can't bare the buttons or zip. Our leggings have been design to accommodate the stretch but still fit you in a flattering way. 

These soft, breathable leggings are perfect for those with painful periods, and chronic conditions like endometriosis, pelvic floor issues and more. They're also great to wear in colder weather!

Heat Pack Pocket Leggings were designed to comfortably fit women of all sizes, providing a way for women everywhere to stand up to the negative effects of hormonal changes.

Heat Pack Pocket

Ensuring your pain is cared for , whilst you carry on with your day. 

3 separate pockets in the front and back to allow manoeuvrability adapting to your pain. 


Heat packs are available to buy on our website.

More Colours Available Now

Team these beauties up with your favourite t shirt or over sized hoodie . 


  • Stretchy material
  • Adjustable waist
  • V Waistband
  • Front heat pack pocket 
  • 2 back heat pack pockets
  • Flattering fit

Washing Care: Machine washable, wash inside out with similar colours at 30 degrees & do not tumble dry


Sizing Guide

We recommend going a size below for a snug fit

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Rebecca W.
Great, but buy a size smaller

These are genius. As a woman with Endometriosis who works on her feet all day, this is something we have been needing for years.

All I will say though is that the fabric contorts and stretches quickly and so I would buy a size smaller than usual if I bought them again.

Nicole Broadbent

I wear theSe for work and they are fab !!!!

A life saver and they are so comfy and fab for keeping warm too as well as helping manage endometrioisis pain


I'm obsessed!

These are just absolutely fantastic! They're SO much better than maternity clothes, which is what I often default too when my bloat is bad. I often have days where even maternity clothes feel too tight and painful, I've had a day like that since owning these leggings and I still found the leggings extremely comfortable. I love that they're adjustable because I really am a different size every day! And before and after eating! They're a really flattering fit on my plumper body too, my boyfriend says my bum looks great in them haha! And I like the branding detail on the back of the waistband too.

I don't think it's an overstatement to say they're actually life changing, just an hour after they arrived I wanted to do the dishes but I was really bloody sore, stuck on the couch with my hot water bottle, so I thought I'd take my new leggings for a test run - hands free heat pain relief enabled me to do the dishes! I'm also in my local amateur theatre, and they allow me to have pain relief while I rehearse! The only thing that would make them any better would be pockets! Mind you, I can fit my phone in the back pockets that are meant for the heat pads lol.

I was really impressed with the thickness of the fabric too, they're not the usual thin material you'd expect with leggings, so they're warm (I live in Scotland) and seem pretty sturdy. They're really comfy on the legs as well as the belly. As mentioned in a previous review, things do stick to the fabric a tiny bit but I didn't find it as bad as the other person who wrote about it - I haven't had to lint roll them - but you might if you have pets or something. I also like that the separation between the legs and waistband isn't as obvious as it is on maternity clothes.

As for sizing, I'm between a 14 and 16, but more on the side of a 16... I read the suggestions to size down for a snug fit, but I measured myself against the sizing guide and decided to go for the 14-16 rather than the 16-18, thinking that the 12-14 might be too much of a downsize... and they fit perfectly. I'm only 5ft 1 so I thought I might have to take them up - but they sit nice on my legs without bunching up so I think they'll be fine.

The size of the heat pack pocket in the belly is great too, I am not a great lover of microwave heat packs as I don't find they last very long, but I've found a mini hot water bottle that will fit in the pocket (obviously it will bulge but I'm past caring haha) and I think those heat packs with the disc that you click would also fit. You can fit two of the heat packs that come with the clothes into the tummy pocket too if you want extra heat coverage on a bad day

A couple of things that I think it might be worth the makers thinking about, though - is the band used for adjusting them... it would be nice to be able to clip or hook the D ring onto something so it isn't just dangling about when they're adjusted to a tighter setting. Another thing is, they're made for chronically ill folk, and chronically ill folk have a tendency to go into hospital and go for scans so I thought it might be worth changing the D ring material to plastic - I was hoping to wear these for my upcoming MRI scan as the drink I have to take for it will really bloat me up, but the metal means I probably can't. It also could be quite fiddly for people with dexterity issues, as the buttons and button holes are quite small.

Absolutely genius though, really well thought out, and extremely comfortable! I can't wait to order more leggings (and pjs!) and I am so excited to see what you guys come up with next!

Victoria H
Great leggings but..

These leggings are super comfortable and do the trick but... everything sticks to the fabric. Worn them once and had to keep lint rolling them. Definitely not something I could wear outside the house.

Natasha Drew
Game changing!

Comfy as heck. Can be loosened on bloaty days. Heatpack pockets are the best bit. Honestly don't know how I got through before finding there leggings!

Size down. These guys can be let out at the waist, but run big. I'm a size 8, and the 6-8 is just slightly loose on me.