Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging

Black Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging

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Can you believe it ? You've found the world's first pain and bloat friendly legging. 

Let's face it, we live in a cold cruel world. And if you have a painful or chronic condition, you know that part of the misery is dealing with the aches and pains that come with it. But imagine having your very own stash of Heat Pack Leggings. Just slip in the included cold/heat pad inside the legging and feel the warmth radiate through your pants. It doesn't get much better than this!

Bloating is a nightmare when clothes no longer fit , you can't bare the buttons or zip. Our leggings have been design to accommodate the stretch but still fit you in a flattering way. 

These soft, breathable leggings are perfect for those with painful periods, and chronic conditions like endometriosis, pelvic floor issues and more. They're also great to wear in colder weather!

Heat Pack Pocket Leggings were designed to comfortably fit women of all sizes, providing a way for women everywhere to stand up to the negative effects of hormonal changes.

Heat Pack Pocket

Ensuring your pain is cared for , whilst you carry on with your day. 

3 separate pockets in the front and back to allow manoeuvrability adapting to your pain. 


One reusable heat pack included with all orders.

Additional packs are available to buy on our website.

More Colours Available Now

Team these beauties up with your favourite t shirt or over sized hoodie . 


  • Stretchy material
  • Adjustable waist
  • V Waistband
  • Front heat pack pocket 
  • 2 back heat pack pockets
  • Flattering fit

Washing Care: Machine washable, wash inside out with similar colours at 30 degrees & do not tumble dry


Sizing Guide

We recommend going a size below for a snug fit

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Claire Mendivil
Great idea

First of all thank you so much for making these. The waist is a DREAM. The material of leggings themselves could be improved I think and possibly a bit softer? I got my usual size and they are far too big so I'm going to order the smaller pair and hope they fit as I can't afford to keep trying. All in all amazing idea that works... Needs a little fine tuning. I really want to try the jeans but the sizing concerns me.


Leggings are fab for a flare up. Just love the fact they can be tightened!
Only thing is I definitely should have sized down. I’m normally a 12 but because I’m so tall and the bloat is real I went for the 12-14 over the 10-12 - they are just a bit big without a bloat and need them really tightened but still comfy just a little bit too baggy on the leg. The quality of the material is so amazing and warm!

Rebecca York

Feeling bloated and stomach hurts so I changed out of my elasticated waist trousers and put on my leggings, much better! I ordered a size down from my usual size as I saw on other comments and they fit perfectly


I found that the lower part of the waistband is puckered, like bumpy, at the front. This tends to happen when the fabric is being stretched while being sewn. I was hoping that once I had them on it would smooth out but unfortunately it's really quite noticeable. Is this due to the pocket design? I had such high hopes for these but the bumps have put me off ordering another pair. I ordered my leggings last year and had no response to an email about it. Such a shame, great concept but poor execution.

Erin Ballard

These leggings are brilliant! They are so soft and comfortable, and fantastic for flare days!
I originally ordered a size that were much too big on me, but it was easy to return and reorder a better size. I would suggest sizing down if you are unsure!
Love these leggings!

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