Imperfect Heat Pack Legging

Imperfect Heat Pack Legging

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Please order a size below you usual size due to sizing measurement issues

Non refundable - Non exchangeable .

The front pocket is coming up smaller than our requirement. 

These leggings are brand new but have been made surplus stock due to them not being our exact requirements.

  • Two back pockets
  • One front central pocket ( smaller than usual) - our heat packs do fit but have an overhang slightly. Completely useable.
  • Heat pack included


These are so discounted as we feel strongly about not letting excess stock going to landfill and this also gives people who may struggle to purchase from us normally the opportunity to bag a pair of these dreamy leggings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Really great for IBS!

Bought these leggings a while back but luckily had not had to use them until today. I have bouts of very bad IBS, which leave me feeling very sorry for myself and cradling a water bottle over my abdomen- not the easiest thing to do when you need to go out and run errands. The waistband of the leggings is so large that you can basically put the heat pack anywhere on your stomach, and it's perfect for giving you some relief without having to hold the pack. It is unnoticeable too, which while this isn't a massive concern, it's just a nice bonus! I got all my shopping done and the heat pack did not budge at all which was really great as I was worried that I'd need to keep adjusting it.
The leggings are super soft, very comfortable, and the larger waistband is a life saver for bloating. I really like how long the legs are too, nothing worse than short leggings that cut off around your lower calves and just feel annoying.
The only downside to the leggings is that they are a size too big for me, which is unfortunate since I bought the XS (6-8) and I do not think there is a smaller size.
I normally buy clothing in a medium or a 10/12 (I'm 5'7" and about 55kg), so if you are on the skinnier side you may run into trouble with the sizing!

Lush comfort

Nice and thick, ass hugging without being uncomfy. The pockets are a god send of my pain, just wish there was a pocket for the hip

Awesome little find

Love the leggings, space for the heatpack (included) very warm and sooo comfy

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