Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Ripped Jean
Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Ripped Jean
Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Ripped Jean
Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Ripped Jean
Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Ripped Jean
Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Ripped Jean

Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Ripped Jean

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The I'm Fine Attire heat pack pocket jeans designed for women with painful periods or women's health chronic illnesses such as endometriosis, pcos, adenomyosis and many more.

Giving relief with the option to pop your favourite heat pack inside the waistband whilst going about your day. The waistband also has plenty of room for any additional bloating you may suffer with but with the bonus of being able to wear jeans without any painful button or zips digging in. 

 No one will be aware you have our secret weapon of the heat pack pocket. 

  • Heat pack pocket
  • Stretch waist for bloating
  • Adjustable band
  • Cropped leg
  • Boyfriend style


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So comfortable

I love jeans but having endo and various ops my stomach can be tender and bending over in jeans is a no go. These Jean's are a god send, very comfortable and really flattering. Can't believe no one though of these sooner.

Too big even with measurements

Lovely quality but I made sure to measure myself against the sizing charts before choosing the correct size and they are at least 2 sizes larger than expected (even though the label is saying the right size). I’ve had the same problem with the leggings, neither fit my waist even with extreme bloating and I wouldn’t be able to put the heat packs in without the leggings or jeans falling down


I had given up on wearing jeans because my pant size changes so drastically due to bloating, but these jeans are 1) the most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever worn and 2) super cute. It's so hard to find stylish adaptive clothing, but these jeans have done the trick. Soooo worth every penny spent. I basically live in these jeans now because they're even comfier than my leggings.

They've done the impossible!

We all know jeans are basically impossible to wear with Endo Belly. I'm about 5 months post-excision (endometriosis) and #hysterectomy (adenomyosis), and although I'm practically symptom-free (hooray!) I do still experience discomfort and bloating occasionally, plus I'm definitely carrying some extra weight since surgery and lockdown combined. With all that in mind I still haven't been able to wear my favourite clothing much; jeans. I live for jeans. I love them. At home? Jeans. Going out for the day? Jeans. Going out at night? Ha as if, but jeans - and a nice top of course!
I wrote this review on instagram as a massive appreciation for I'm Fine Attire; they have done the impossible and created jeans for us peeps living with "womens health problems". They're similar to maternity jeans (but I think way more comfortable), plus there's a hidden pocket in the front for heat/cool packs (a pack is included). For any of you with endo, adeno, pcos etc, these may well bring you the same amount of joy as they have me! Thanks also IFA for having these as a cropped fit so as they therefore fit me (I'm 5 ft)!

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