Ash Grey Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Ash Grey Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Ash Grey Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Ash Grey Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Ash Grey Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Ash Grey Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Ash Grey Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging
Ash Grey Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging

Ash Grey Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Legging

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Can you believe it ? You've found the world's first pain and bloat friendly legging. 

Let's face it, we live in a cold cruel world. And if you have a painful or chronic condition, you know that part of the misery is dealing with the aches and pains that come with it. But imagine having your very own stash of Heat Pack Leggings. Just slip in the included cold/heat pad inside the legging and feel the warmth radiate through your pants. It doesn't get much better than this!

Bloating is a nightmare when clothes no longer fit , you can't bare the buttons or zip. Our leggings have been design to accommodate the stretch but still fit you in a flattering way. 

These soft, breathable leggings are perfect for those with painful periods, and chronic conditions like endometriosis, pelvic floor issues and more. They're also great to wear in colder weather!

Heat Pack Pocket Leggings were designed to comfortably fit women of all sizes, providing a way for women everywhere to stand up to the negative effects of hormonal changes.

Heat Pack Pocket

Ensuring your pain is cared for , whilst you carry on with your day. 

3 separate pockets in the front and back to allow manoeuvrability adapting to your pain. 


One reusable heat pack included with all orders.

Additional packs are available to buy on our website.

More Colours Now Available

Team these beauties up with your favourite t shirt or over sized hoodie . 


  • Stretchy material
  • Adjustable waist
  • V Waistband
  • Front heat pack pocket 
  • 2 back heat pack pockets
  • Flattering fit

Washing Care: Machine washable, wash inside out with similar colours at 30 degrees & do not tumble dry


Sizing Guide

We recommend going a size below for a good fit

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tamara Attree

I’m actually in love with my leggings. They arrived today and I tried them on and the material is super soft and comfy. Sizing is true match for me even has a little bit to tighten the waste band.
I was shocked when I opened it to see that it came with its own heat/cool pack which is amazing as well.
I definitely would recommend these for anyone that suffers with abdominal pains as it’s a good way to hide the heat source rather than carrying one round like I’ve been doing.

Yes people think £36 is a lot for these but for anyone that suffers like me appreciate the little details like the pouches to have heat packs in.

Will definitely be ordering more on payday of the different colours

Jay McGillivray
Great idea…but

I preordered these after they were recommended by a friend on Instagram who swore by them for bloating and abdomen pain. I waited over a month for delivery, although I guess this would change if you were just ordering them normally.

Pros -
THEY ARE COMFY. They feel like leggings that I’ve had for ages, and with the v shaped waistband, there is no severe mark/tightness on my stomach.
The idea is genius, I have pmdd and will happily live with a hot water bottle or heat pack on my stomach for 2/3 weeks of the month. The subtle pocket is great for popping a heat pack in and doesn’t draw attention. (Another pro, it comes with a small heat pack).
The leggings aren’t seethrough at the bum, which tends to be an issue, however I can’t speak for other colours.

The sizing/fit is very off. I am at least a size 16 in trousers, but I read other reviews which said to size down. I am so so glad I did. I bought a 12-14 and they are still fairly loose considering they are leggings, which are usually skin tight. The material at my ankles is a bit loose too, I did try rolling them up, but it doesn’t sit right.
The side pockets/waist band. Towards the back of the hips, there are two side pockets which are designed for the small heat pack to go in(if you suffer from hip pain), these “pockets” feel more like regular pockets that have been sewed backwards. I initially thought they were normal pockets - but backwards - as I did not think the small heat pack would fit, it does just fit. Just. These “pockets” also make the waistband a bit bulky, and it prevents the leggings from lying totally flat along the waistband.
The cost. I totally understand that this is a business and they want to make a profit, but £40 for leggings and shipping just isn’t realistic, especially when there are still issues. The cost does not reflect the material, as they feel like general leggings I could purchase from a high store, which would cost half the price. I don’t feel that the pocket for the heat pack should cause the price to increase so much.

I’m really torn if I should buy another pair, the idea is so good for chronic pain sufferers/people who need the heat pack, and I am definitely feeling the benefit of not having to hide a heat pack under my normal clothes, but with the cost, I don’t feel it is value for money.

Thank you for your feedback Jay.

The back pockets are a 'just' fit size to ensure the pack doesn't move around whilst wearing them. the pocket material can be flattened after use to give a flatten fit.

The leggings are £36 that reflect the price of material, living wages and overheads. As a small business we don't have the luxury that high street store do for low production costs for high quantities. We also commit to as little as possible waste ensuring all material is used and any surplus stock is heavily reduced or donated to women's causes.

I hope that this gives a better insight into us as a brand.