Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Jean
Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Jean
Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Jean
Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Jean
Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Jean
Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Jean

Heat Pack Pocket ™️ Jean

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The worlds first 💛

The I'm Fine Attire Heat Pack Pocket ™ jeans were designed for women with painful periods or women's health chronic illnesses such as Endometriosis, PCOS , Adenomyosis and many more.

Giving relief with the option to pop your favourite heat pack inside the waistband whilst going about your day. The waistband also has plenty of room for any additional bloating you may suffer with but with the bonus of being able to wear jeans without any painful button or zips digging in. 

No one will know you have our secret weapon of the heat pack pocket . 

  • Heat Pack Pocket
  • Adjustable Waistband
  • Stretch Material for Bloating
  • Slim Fit
  • Flattering Silhouette

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Just pregnancy jeans with one pocket

I already had the heat pack leggings when I was bought these jeans and in comparison they are rubbish. They don't have the hip/side back pockets that the leggings if your pain isn't just in the front and because they're just adapted pregnancy jeans the tummy bit is far too big and slip down constantly (eventhough the jeans fit well) because bloating isn't the same as pregnancy and the tightening band goes all the way round making it uncomfortable. Unlike the clever cross front leggings with the tightening just at the back. It does however help that the jeans are so high waisted as a wheelchair user so you don't end up with a builders bum


Recently I've not been able to wear jeans when on period due to bloat. These fit very well and will be able to adjust when I am bloated. The heat pack pocket is discreet.

Eleanor Gillespie
Finally jeans that fit

I have a feeding tube and due to its placement I can’t wear traditional jeans or anything with really thin, tight elastic waists. These jeans are an absolute game changer !! The stretchy material where the heat pack goes is so incredibly soft and isn’t so tight it irritates my tube so I’m able to wear my it over my tube site super comfortably. The jean material is also super soft and they look really flattering on. I wasn’t sure about sizing as I had seen other reviews say size down but I went with my regular size, they look a bit more like mom jeans on the leg on me but I really like them like that, I could definitely have sized down though they just would have been a bit slimmer. Thank you so much for making these jeans, I can’t tell you how great it is to finally have a pair of jeans I can wear.

Emily S

I have a lot of trouble with jeans, I have huge hips and a smaller waist (although sadly I'm not a size 8 anymore!) and I read all the reviews and decided against popular opinion to order the size I normally have (a 22 if anyone is wondering), because I have thicc thighs and the reviews stated they were quite tight on the thighs. And boy am I glad I went with my own judgment!

The jeans are nice and soft and baggy, and there is no waist button, belt loops or zip and instead the material that houses the pocket for the heat pack is super soft and they are definitely my new favourite pair of jeans! I no longer have to worry about my muffin top and don't feel squeezed to death in jeans that don't fit properly! The elastic around the waist can be tightened or loosened to suit bloating and the button and the excess can be stuffed in the pocket or looped around your waist - whatever you prefer.

PLUS, THEY COME WITH A HEAT PACK. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I keep losing mine! My only complaint is that I wish they came in other colours - black, grey and a lighter blue.

Rose Mahmud

Absolutely love them....my endometriosis is making it very difficult to find comfortable clothing but the jeans and leggings are perfect !