Crimson Heat Pack Pocket™ Pyjama Set
Crimson Heat Pack Pocket™ Pyjama Set
Crimson Heat Pack Pocket™ Pyjama Set
Crimson Heat Pack Pocket™ Pyjama Set

Crimson Heat Pack Pocket™ Pyjama Set

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  • Oversized Top
  • V Waistband - Bloat and Stoma Friendly
  • Heat Pack Pocket ™
  • Soft Touch Cotton
  • Model Wears 12-14
  • 95% Polyester 5% Elastane

Luxurious lounging this winter and beyond. Offering lightweight cosiness and teamed with the Heat Pack Pocket ™ waist bottoms.

I'm Fine Attire x BattleWithEndo Collection 

Size Guide

 Size Top Length Top Width  Waist Hips
6 75cm 49cm 65cm 87.5cm
8-10 79cm 51cm 67-71cm 92-97cm
12-14 81cm 52cm 74-79cm 101-105cm
16-18 84cm 55cm 84-91cm 112-117cm
20-22 85cm 57cm 99-103cm 125-127cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sarah Duffy
I really wanted to love these

Be aware: The fit on these pajamas is significantly different to the leggings. I am a size 12-14 in the leggings and bought the same size for the pajamas and found that they were baggy in the crotch and legs.

The fabric and stitching also doesn't feel as high quality, which is a little disappointing; it doesn't feel as sturdy around the elastic, which is not adjustable. While I quite obviously have the wrong size and that's probably contributing, I'm also just not happy with the general 'feel' of the construction - especially as the leggings are rapidly turning favourite items of clothing.

I decided to take the plunge on these when I read a review that said these pajamas feel like soft cotton and I respectfully disagree - they're not particularly breathable and if you sweat or get hot spells when you're in pain, you might want to give these a miss.

I'm not saying they're awful (if a cotton jersey version came out, I would probably try again) but they're definitely not as good quality as the leggings and I honestly feel the design could do with some fine tuning.

So soft!

The fabric of these is so soft! And the oversized top is such a nice touch as well!
However, with the fabric being kind of thinner - the heat pack can weigh them down a bit. I initially ordered a 12-14 because that's what I am in the pink pyjamas and the leggings, they did fit but they were a tiiiiny bit loose on me and the heat pack would weigh them down, meaning the heat wasn't where I wanted it to be. So I ended up ordering an 8-10 pair as well - and this REALLY surprised me - and I will tell you why... The 8-10 are a very snug fit on me, and they arrived on a day when I thought my bloat could get no bigger - and even though they were tight around the bloat - I could NOT feel any pressure from them at all like I normally would if I was wearing any other clothing that fit me that tightly (even maternity clothes hurt me when I'm like this) and that has to be some kind of magic. I'm sat here now with a bloat so big that when I push my stomach out nothing happens, but as I day, I can't feel any pressure at all. I'm as comfortable as I would be if I was wearing an XXXXXL nightie!
Such a beautiful colour too, but they do run in the wash (even after the 3rd-4th wash), but I knew they probably would so I was prepared for this and washed them with things I don't care about getting dyed (they even run enough that their own label turns pink) - they rand it certainly doesn't bother me, but I just thought it was worth mentioning in the review. (I wash everything at 20degrees)

It would be nice to see the adjustable waist band on pyjamas, just because I think if they'd had that, I wouldn't have needed to order a smaller size to be able to keep my heatpack in place. And maybe the back pockets too - but that's because I don't actually sleep in pyjamas, I wear them round the house.