Our First Community Feature - Chronically Brown - 02.10.2020

To start our new blog we have had many ideas on what we want to provide you with. Whilst we are a clothing brand we are also HUGE advocates for our community. For this reason we decided we wanted to give our followers the opportunity to share their story.
You are not alone, there is others out there powering through the highs and lows just like you do daily.
It is an honour to talk to such inspirational people. We now leave you with our very first blog story from Sukhjeen.
Smiling women with brown hair wearing camel coloured jumper.
Hi, My name is Sukhjeen, I am 21 years old and I live with Rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.
I was diagnosed 2 years ago,  at the start of my university degree, which was extremely difficult to say the least. My mental health deteriorated quickly due to not many people understanding how arthritis can affect young people. 
This was around the time @chronicallybrown was created on instagram. It was created to share my story with arthritis and fibromyalgia, I soon started to receive messages from other South Asians telling me how they relate to the word ‘chronically brown’. I started to think more about how the name related to chronically ill South Asians and how it mashed up the two identities. The chronically ill community is amazing, as is the South Asian community. But as chronically ill, South Asians we have to choose one identity and one community. I didn’t like this at all. We are not represented in the chronically ill community as PoC and we aren’t represented in the South Asian community as disabled. 
Soon after, I changed the focus of my account and started to shed a light on the two identities. I started to share stories of South Asians with chronic illness/mental illness and disability. I started to share the stigmas the South Asian community have towards disability and why it is not okay. I have encouraged others to diversify their feed by following disabled South Asians. I have started to share health conditions we, as South Asians, are high risk too and how to change the risk. 
With the positive feedback and support I have been getting with the page, I am planning on making big changes to amplify the voices on my page. I am really looking forward to sharing more stories and sharing more about being disabled AND South Asian. I hope you can join us. 
If you would like to be featured and share your story please contact info@imfineattire.com

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